Workshop Program

Monday, August 20, 2018

Session 1

09:20–09:30 Welcome and Opening Remarks
09:30–10:30 Event Extraction and Tracking: Techniques and Challenges - Invited talk by Heng Ji, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

10:30–11:00 Coffee Break

Session 2

11:00–11:20 Every Object Tells a Story - James Pustejovsky and Nikhil Krishnaswamy  (PDF)  (BibTeX)
11:20–11:45 A Rich Annotation Scheme for Mental Events - William Croft, Pavlina Peskova, Michael Regan and Sook-kyung Lee  (PDF)  (BibTeX)
11:45–12:05 Cross-Document Narrative Alignment of Environmental News: A Position Paper on the Challenge of Using Event Chains to Proxy Narrative Features - Ben Miller  (PDF)  (BibTeX)
12:05–12:30 Identifying the Discourse Function of News Article Paragraphs - W. Victor Yarlott, Cristina Cornelio, Tian Gao and Mark Finlayson  (PDF)  (BibTeX)

12:30–13:50 Lunch

Session 3

13:50–13:55 An Evaluation of Information Extraction Tools for Identifying Health Claims in News Headlines - Shi Yuan and Bei Yu  (PDF)  (BibTeX)
13:55–14:00 Crowdsourcing StoryLines: Harnessing the Crowd for Causal Relation Annotation - Tommaso Caselli and Oana Inel  (PDF)  (BibTeX)
14:00–14:05 Can You Spot the Semantic Predicate in this Video? - Christopher Reale, Claire Bonial, Heesung Kwon and Clare Voss  (PDF)  (BibTeX)
14:05–14:10 Fine-grained Structure-based News Genre Categorization - Zeyu Dai, Himanshu Taneja and Ruihong Huang  (PDF)  (BibTeX)
14:10–14:15 On Training Classifiers for Linking Event Templates - Jakub Piskorski, Fredi Saric, Vanni Zavarella and Martin Atkinson  (PDF)  (BibTeX)
14:15–14:20 HEI: Hunter Events Interface A platform based on services for the detection and reasoning about events - Antonio Sorgente, Antonio Calabrese, Gianluca Coda, Paolo Vanacore and Francesco Mele  (PDF)  (BibTeX)

14:20–15:50 Poster session
15:50–16:20 Coffee Break

Session 4

16:20–17:40 Annotation Exercise
17:40–18:00 Discussion and Conclusion